Friday, February 22, 2013

Wilted Wings Update

I'm 3/4 of the way done with writing the sequel. I'm really pushing for a spring release. That should give you something to help you warm up when the sun actually makes an appearance. Personally I'm sick of winter. How awesome would it be to open all the windows in the house and let the fresh air in? My dogs always get restless in the winter. They love to lay out in the sun. Not looking forward to my yearly battle with Hobo spiders and hornets though. For some reason these critters love my house, and it's kind of creepy. The only thing worse is snakes--shivers.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I know I've said over and over that I will never write vampires. I feel like they are overdone and I would have nothing to add that would be original. So much for that. I often have crazy Benadryl dreams--that's what you get for having terrible allergies. Anyway, I had a dream about a world where vamps are created from a tragedy to man kind. Long story short you guys will be getting a vampire novel from me as soon as I'm done with the sequel to Wilted Wings. I would love to give you more info, but I will keep this stellar idea to myself for now--well my mom, man candy, and my bestie know. I'll let them know they will have a few stalkers. HEHE. Don't forget to enter the contest for the Kindle Fire giveaway on Facebook.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Update on Wilted Wings

I know you guys have been waiting for this book. I have never written a sequel, so this has been exciting for me. I can tell you that one of the main characters has been kidnapped, which will throw everyone else's life into chaos. People are dying and a new war has started. Evil alliances have been made and you guys will have to see how it ends. I still don't know yet. I like to write as I go and let the story unfold.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Thoughts On Big Publishers

A friend of mine just shared an article with me on the thoughts of the conventional publishers toward indie authors. They basically think we are lazy and taking the easy way out. Can I just say that this is so far from the truth. I currently work fulltime and write fulltime. That means I have little free time between starting a book and edits to release. It’s a very time consuming process.  We are also our own marketers. We study, read, and try new things on a constant basis to get our names out there. The large publishing houses just don’t seem to understand that the market has changed. E-books are king now. They also want to pick up authors who already have a fan base and know how to market themselves. So the question is—why would I pay you 15%-20% of my royalties for doing the same thing I’m doing now? I chose to self publish because it puts me in control of my books. I design the covers, write the blurb, hire an editor who will give me an honest edit, but not change my story. I set up my own book signings, run my own contests, and chose my own release dates. I have no intention of releasing a book before it’s ready. Recently I have read two different books, by different authors, released by big publishing houses. To be nice I will just say that I could tell they were rushed. On top of that they charged me $14.99 for an e-book. I felt like I needed to vent a little here. It gets frustrating to hear that I’m not a real writer because I self publish. Huh? Is there not words on the pages? Is there not a story there? I say give a huge stadium wave to all the indie authors out there. Yes, some put out crappy material and don’t hire good editors, but I know tons that work hard and care about the work they publish. Someday the big publishing houses will realize this. Leave a comment and support indie authors. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How I Got The Idea For Broken Butterflies

Now that Broken Butterflies is released I keep getting questions asking how I came up with the idea. When I can’t sleep I’m up all night watching TV. It was around two in the morning and a Lunesta commercial came on. That little neon green butterfly floated up to the lady lying in her bed and that’s where the idea came from. Don’t ask me how I came up with angels transforming into butterflies, I don’t have a clue. The idea just popped in my head. I formed the entire story around that butterfly. I figured if I’m going to create a story about angels I want to make it about guardian angels and fate. I try to come up with story idea’s that haven’t been done, or if it’s a subject matter that has been covered I make it new. There you have it. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Broken Butterflies

Broken Butterflies is up for sale on Amazon. Make sure and get your copy.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I am having a Broken Butterflies release party Monday 9th starting at 4EST. Fun games and prizes. Stop by Broken Butterflies ebook is now live on Amazon for those of you that want to buy it before Monday. Paper back will be out in about a week.

Ilisha Morrison should have died the day she boarded the bullet train to Colorado. As her train collided with another, a handsome stranger saved her life, but put her in more danger than she ever imagined possible. Caught in a warring world of angels, demons, and a vengeful Death Maker who wants to destroy her, Ilisha discovers her true identity and that not everything is as it seems. Betrayal, heartache and two angels competing for her love forces Ilisha to make the hardest decision of her life.