Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jabberwocky Review

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Daniel Coleman has a brilliant take on Lewis Carroll’s poem, Jabberwocky.  Bringing to life this story with characters you bond with, was ingenious.  You feel, hear and see Tjaden’s world; the sense of family and unity of a small town.  His best mate Ollie is everything you expect a young man to be.  What he lacks for in size he makes up for in bravery and personality. 
Tjaden enters The Academy and proves his valor when the formidable Jabberwocky takes his love, Elora.  Of course his best mate is along for the adventure.   
Tjaden must discover his strengths in order to go on his quest and save Elora.  Deciphering truth and myth about the Jabberwocky, Tjaden takes us on his journey, both in mind and physicality. 
This story is filled with magical creatures, bravery, danger, love and betrayal.  Kids and adults, alike, will fall in love with this story and wish it would continue in a sequel. 


  1. That sounds awesome. I will definitely buy it!

  2. I love Lewis Carroll's poem, and I can't wait to read the world Daniel created around it! Thanks for posting!

  3. Sounds great! Right up my alley. Looks like another book for me to go buy! :)

  4. What a cool book! I've always loved that poem.